Expand your knowledge of the industry through the following series of videos, compiled by PCGS.

What is Coin Grading

Coin Grading 101: Introduction to Coin Grading

What is Coin Grading? Let PCGS explain...


Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) provides collectors with value, liquidity and security for their rare and collectible coins:


Value - PCGS graded coins offer the highest prices in the secondary coin market.


Liquidity - PCGS graded coins are the worlds most trusted coins, chosen by buyers and sellers alike.


Security - PCGS graded coins come in clear, sonically-sealed acrylic holders along with a security hologram for added authenticity.


Click the play button and find out how PCGS contribute these critical benefits to the coin market.


PCGS Webinar - Coin Grading 101: Introduction to Coin Grading hosted by Mike Sherman, Director of Education for PCGS. Webinar covers some basic fundamentals of coin grading, including reasons to grade coins, the elements of grading Mint State coins, and the elements of grading Circulated Coins. Hosted on September 20, 2013 in conjunction with the PCGS Collectors Education Program, which is held live at each Long Beach Expo.


Coin Grading 103, Part 2: Counterfeit Detection

Reviewing the New PCGS coin holder

PCGS Webinar - Coin Grading 103: Counterfeit Detection hosted by Mike Sherman, Director of Education for PCGS. Webinar covers common diagnostics of counterfeited coins so collectors can be aware of potential forgeries before submission to PCGS.


PCGS President Don Willis introduces the newest PCGS coin holder and talks about how technology is being utilized to fight counterfeiters. Spotting on silver bullion coins is addressed and we take an inside look at some of the testing involved in the development of this next generation holder.


Coin Grading 101:

PCGS have kindly compiled a short educational series of videos covering the top elements of coin grading. Presented by PCGS Director of Education Mike Sherman.


Topics Covered


1. Surface Preservation - Find out how subtle differences in the surface preservation of each coin differentiates the grades of these Mint State Morgon Dollars.


2. Strike - Find out how the strike influences a coin's grade.


3. Luster - Find out how the Luster influences a coin's grade.


4. Eye Appeal - Find out how the tone or colour of a coin influences a coin's grade.


5. How to Grade Circulated Coins - This 10 minute video will give you an insight into how circulated coins are graded.


6 - Circulated Eye Appeal - Find out how the tone or colour of an circulated coin influences it's grade.


7. Grading Mint State Morgan Dollars - A review of the key factors for grading Mint State 60 to 69 Morgon Dollars.


8. Coin Grading Tools and Techniques - Find out the tools and techniques used by PCGS when grading coins.



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